Printed Posters

Take your Poster Session to the next level

We provide the best solution for your classic paper poster session. 

Easy Submission

We help presenters build a professional poster, which they
then submit via the branded poster submission micro-site.

The best materials

We print the posters with high quality and in a photographic quality paper (200 g/m2).

Exposure after the event

With our Virtual Poster Gallery the activity around the poster sessions remains even after the congress ends.

Quality control

Our unique 6-stage, ISO-Accredited quality control process gives the best
possible results, especially of images, graphs and tables.

Printing and delivery

Once we print the posters we label them, put them in boxes organized by number or any criteria and ship them to any congress Congress Venue in the world.

With PosterSessionOnline all the posters will have the same dimensions, and your session will look sharp. 

Do you have any questions?

When is the deadline for sending posters for printing?

The authors start to upload the posters around 3 months before starting the congress until 10 or 7 days before starting the Congress. The deadline may change depending on the number of posters and the location of the Congress but we can adapt to your needs. 

What is the quality of the posters?

We implement 6 separate quality checks, print them on photographic quality paper (200 g/m2) all with the same dimensions, pack and label them, then deliver them all to the congress venue. Authors no longer have to travel with their poster, with the attendant risk of loss or damage, simply collecting them at the congress venue. We guarantee that 100% of posters arrive in perfect condition and all with the same dimensions. 

We add a lower band to the posters, containing the poster number, 1st author, topic, DOI, QR code to access at the e-poster on Virtual Poster Gallery and individual barcode on each poster to control the printed service and the collect poster point.

 We always work with local emergency printing.

How easy is to use our platform?

Our web page offers different tutorials to help prepare their poster (for both electronic and paper-and-panel formats):

Our platform is 100% safe, in addition to complying with the New Protection Law in force since 2018, making available to you the unique submission code.

In just 4 steps, the author can send his poster in less than 3 minutes:

  • step 1: Congress selection
  • step 3: enter email plus unique submission code, previously provided to the author.
  • step 3: confirmation of submission form and service selection
  • step 4: upload poster

I cant find a sponsor. What can I do? Print on demand service

We understand that the aim is to find a sponsor to support the complete service but we also offer a customized and completely free solution for you: PRINT ON DEMAND SERVICE

The PRINT ON DEMAND service is completely optional for poster Authors, they will have an option to print their posters and have them delivered to the congress venue for a fixed price. 


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T: +34 91 358 90 70


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